Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Video of Gracie

Lets hope this works, it will be my first video applied to my blog or anywhere as far as that goes.
This is a short video of Gracie at dinner time. I will try to post more but this is all new to me and I have to do a couple practice ones first. Also, my camera only takes short videos. I will have to read the manuel to see if I can add any time on my video. Boy it sure takes a long time to upload these things. Im not sure why the UFO desided to land in my kitchen while taking the video. Notice the room brightens with a strange sound in the back have to check it out...once again..something amazing with Gracie Kay.


Patyrish said...



She is a cutie patootie!

It did sound like an alien landed in the middle of the video LOLOLOL!

Way to go on figuring out how to upload! I am looking forward to seeing more and more of sweet Gracie!

Stephanie St-Pierre said...

great job on getting the video up Maria, bring 'em on!