Monday, November 3, 2008

So sweet

Today when I got home, I said hi to the kids and then I started the hamburgers real quick and went to love on Gracie and this is what I saw. OK the good news...awe its so sweet and she has such a good brother...The bad news, Ill probably be up half the night until she goes to bed...but how could I wake her...she looked so adorable

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still Learning

I am trying to get the hang of posting and all. It's trying to find the time to learn something new.
Today I stayed home an in my jammies until around 4ish. I hate that I have to work full time and then when I get home its feed Gracie, bath time, and a short time later, time for bed. Then on the weekend if I have to clean or shop I feel that once again Im not getting time to play with Gracie. Today though I put her under me in the crawling position and tryed to get her to bare some weight on her arms...she did pretty good and was laughing at my attempted to help her crawl. She was such a good girl today. Yesterday her and I went shopping and that was fun. Then my husband and I went to a movie called FireProof. It was excellent. I felt bad leaving Gracie for a few hours but I understand its important to take time for each other. Acutally, I think Gracie enjoyed the break from me, she was all giggles for her Aunt Catherine even at dinner time....she just laughed and ate for Aunt Catherine. Well, thats all for today, I may acutually be brave and let people know Ive started a blog. Oh, and Amazing Gracie was taken already, so I had to use